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Some visible differences between original F1/A1/WM1 and China copies









                               F1 original  China F1 copy                    A1 original         China A1 copy
Blade length               98 mm        96-100 mm                       158 mm               157 mm
Blade thickness          4,4 mm      3,5-4,5 mm                           6 mm                 5,2 mm
Blade width              27,2 mm   26,6-27,5 mm                       32,5 mm               33,2 mm
Blade finish               Glossy             Poor                                Glossy                   Poor
Steel                     Lam. VG10         8Cr13                             Lam.VG10               8Cr13
Hardness                 HRC 59            HRC 50                             HRC 59                HRC 50
Lanyard hole     Y-shaped tube   Straight tube                     Y-shaped tube         Straight tube
Lamination line           Yes        No line or etched/scribed              Yes                    No line
Convex edge              Yes            Secondary edge                      Yes                 Secondary edge
Blade shape            Convex              Flat                                Convex                    Flat
Handle pattern         12 lines        10 or 14 lines                        Same                    Same
Leather thickness       3,2 mm          2,3 mm                                ---                       ---
Sheath thickness at side 13 mm        9 mm                                  ---                      ---
Double leather liner       Yes             Single liner                            ---                       ---
Notch for crossguard
inside leather sheath    Yes                   No                                   ---                       ---
Logo on leather sheath Thick lines     Thin lines                             ---                       ---
Box                        Inside brown    Inside white                   Inside brown                  ?

Original F1 zytel sheath: Belt loop riveted outside the plastic sheath using large flat rivets   

China copy F1 plastic sheath: Belt loop riveted inside plastic sheath using small bulky rivets

Plastic A1 zytel sheath logo A1                                                       Deep                  Shallow

Plastic A1 zytel sheath reverse side                                           No sign


It’s sad to find that there are always a few unethical people who cannot resist the idea of making illegal copies. They steal the design and the entire concept which has taken us several years to develop, just to make money. Right now a factory in China is making copies of our famous knives F1 and A1. In order to really cheat you, they are adding our company name and logotype on the knife, the sheath and the box.

They sell worldwide, free of freight charge to any country outside China. If you visit AliExpress you will find numerous of companies which are there only to cheat you. They show true images of the original knife but ship knockoffs.

Since the cost of such a Chinese copy is around USD 10.00, it’s easy to buy a good number at low costs and trade them to inexperienced customers in Europe, in USA/Canada and everywhere. The production cost is less than USD 2.00.

Impostors have as well begun to put their own name and logotype on those copies, stating that the knife is made to their exact specifications. What’s strange is that their knife and sheath have got exactly the same measurements as the original knife and sheath. So, what a coincident! Of course they represent the criminal part of our society, they have started this business in order to cheat you.

So, how can you avoid buying from these frauds? Well, first of all, if the offered price is too good, then a warning bell should ring in your ear.  However, some slick villains will show a true original but the knife they sell to you is a China made copy. So, our advice is: Never buy from unknown sources. Never buy if the price seems too low. Prefer to visit your local outdoor shop or buy from since long well known internet dealers. If you have been scammed, your money is lost, with no possibility to get them back.

Buying from deceivers is really the worst thing you can do. They sell a low quality product, offer no warranties and if you try to get your money back, they neglect you. It’s no use in trying to bring them to court since the society doesn’t care very much about this kind of criminality. So, always buy from well known, reliable sources only.

What do you get when you buy a knockoff? Well, the surface and the design may look pretty much alike the original product but the quality is extremely poor. Usually, a cheap standard steel is used, never a laminate special steel like lam. VG10, even if they try to state so. The used heat treatment method is as well very poor (if used at all) and the edge profile is thick and clumsy.

And finally, the Chinese people doesn’t buy these knockoffs, they already know that it’s junk. They don’t buy from thieves and frauds and so shouldn’t you!  

Reward USD 5.000,00 dollars!




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