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Lam. SGPS steel. Grilon handle.

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U2ur is the new U2 collectible version with the Ursa Minor constellation laser engraved on the blade. Having sold thousands and thousands pieces of the U2, we understand that this lightweight, extremely sharp cutting tool is among our most appreciated knives. Being the first folding knife in the world to offer a blade in laminate powder steel, it has really proven to work very well whenever a cutting quality is required. We intend to offer a limited edition of U2 folding knives featuring well known constellations. In 2012 we started Cassiopeia, 2013 U2 Gemini, 2014 U2 Orion, 2015 U2 Scorpio, 2016 U2 Leo, in 2017 it was the Taurus constellation, now in 2018 it’s the Ursa Minor constellation – be sure get your sample!
Our nearest star is our own sun, maybe you haven’t thought of that? When the light from the sun reaches us it has been on the road for eight minutes. So, when looking at the sun you’re looking eight minutes back in time.

Footnote: A light-year is the distance that light travels in vacuum in one year, i e 9 461 billion kilometers or around 5879 billion miles.

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