Chinese made copies of the original Fällkniven models
How can you tell the difference between an original Fällkniven knife and a chinese copy? Below you will find a series of pictures that explains the differences between an original and a copy. These are the three original Fällkniven models that unfortunately are out on the market as counterfeit copies; F1, A1 and WM1.




Original F1-knife

Original A1-knife

Original WM1-knife

Inexperienced buyers
For an untrained eye at a non-experienced customer, it is pretty difficult to understand if you are buying an original or a Chinese made counterfeit. When the knife copies are sold in boxes which are copied exactly to the final detail, then it should be almost impossible for a customer to tell what’s right or wrong.

Holographic label
However, since Summer 2013, some of our boxes have got a holographic label put on the front of the box, a grey label which look alike our logo but with a background text in holographic technique which says “Original”. This label is NOT available on Chinese made boxes.
The boxes that have the holographic label are: F1z, F1L, F1zLeft, F1z3G, F1L3G, F1z3GLeft, A1z, A1zLeft, WM1z, WM1L, WM1z3G och WM1L3G.

Light brown inside
Our boxes for these three knives are light brown inside while the Chinese boxes are just as white as the outside. Note that the “white inside trick” does not cover the NL-series nor the A1 with leather sheath as they have white inside. But till this date we have never seen other copies than F1L, F1z, A1z and very few WM1z.

EAN label
All our boxes are today labeled with an EAN label, according to EAN specifications. Either printed or a sticker. This applies to products purchased from us, or our distributors and agents. EAN labels must be applied to retail products in such a way that the bar-code symbol can be read by a scanner.

Too low price -> warning bell
Another sign for fraud is the price, these copies (F1, A1 and WM1) are usually sold at a fraction of the original price and so should a warning bell ring if the price is extremely attractive. What might make it more complicated is if the selling deceiver raise the price to the level of the original or very close to that, since that won’t bring any warning bell to ring. Yesterday we received such a case from a sorry, cheated US customer who had paid USD 136.00 for an F1 when the Chinese quote is USD 12.00, free freight all around the world.

Flat ground vs convex ground
All counterfeit knives are flat ground and the edge is a traditional secondary, so called factory edge. The original knives are all convex ground but this is a technical term which the average buyer might not know about. See the picture above which will easily inform about the difference between a flat ground and a convex ground blade.

Laminate steel
All our knives are made in clad (laminate) steel, with no problem you are able to see the lamination line close to the edge. Some illegal Chinese knife manufacturers – but not everyone – have tried to imitate that by etching such a line along the edge and that might be difficult for the inexperienced to understand.

Low quality steel
We have controlled the steel in two F1 and one A1 knife made in China, this test is made by a large Swedish, by SWEDAC accredited test laboratory, the LKAB/MetLab. The conclusion from this examination is that the Chinese copies are made in a poor or fairly poor stainless steel and far away from the original models with regards to toughness and edge retention.

Never buy from private persons, always from well known sources like hunting stores and well established internet dealers.